Protect content: creation, transit, consumption

Utilise local datacenters for use with cloud applications without putting company information at risk by adding protection, ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

  • Shadow IT Detection: Discovering Apps and Risk Scoring
  • Intelligent Classification and Tagging of content
  • Document encryption, tracking, revocation
  • Monitoring shared files and responding to potential leaks
  • Data segregation at a device/app level

Workplace Issued or BYOD Devices

Manage company and BYOD devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance, automatically detect suspicious activities, and quickly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices.

Shadow IT Detection: Discovering Apps and Risk Scoring

  • Conditional Access
  • Device and App access level controls: PIN
  • Device and App encryption at rest
  • Save-As, Copy, Paste restrictions
  • Device and App level data wipe

Aligns with business goals

Aligning your Cybersecurity posture with your overall business objectives is essential to protect your business against breaches and intrusions. WDigital ensure;

Security is built into your productivity platform

You don’t need to make trade-offs to justify
security investment

We protect your business against risk-related costs

Secure the Front Door

Identity-Driven Security; go beyond passwords and protect against identity compromise, while automatically identifying potential breaches before they cause damage.

  • Risk-based Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced penetration testing and security reporting
  • Identify threats on-premises
  • Identify high-risk usage of cloud apps, user behavior, detect abnormal downloads, prevent threats