Enabling manufacturers to transform to digital business

Remote Asset Performance Management

With our partners we provide industry-leading technology for
continuous, real-time asset operations performance monitoring and lifecycle management with analytics built into a single platform. On-premises, centralized and edge analytics options supported by a distributed, hybrid architecture and a true multi-tenant cloud environment allow manufacturers, suppliers and customers to securely share asset performance information and work together strategically toward mutual objectives.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Accelerate outcomes, improve data quality and make better decisions—faster
Manufacturers face intensifying competition, high customer expectations and increased regulations—while also needing to reduce costs. An RPA “virtual workforce” can save thousands of hours, scale without offshore-based employees, and free up resources for higher-value tasks. RPA also eliminates human errors to reduce risks in compliance reporting and processes.

Predictive Analytics to reduce downtime

Combine the power of the IoT and Predictive Analytics to reduce unplanned downtime. Manufacturers the world over know the impact of unplanned downtime on production equipment. In many cases the cost and delay to production is simply untenable. With the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers can access usage and status data coming directly from sensors and actuators embedded in the equipment. This data can then be continuously analyzed to enable predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance drives improved asset utilization and reduced maintenance costs as well as improved product quality and availability.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimizing your supply chain can reduce costs and help you boost customer satisfaction. But when your supply chain is global and your business is continuously changing, you need a solution that combines agility with insight. WDigital combine leading solutions for a complete approach to supply chain optimization to translate insights into action. Your business can fully analyze your supply chain processes and dependencies, put new processes into place faster.