Oil & Gas

WDigital’s Oil & Gas solutions collect, integrate, and organize sensor data from remote equipment across global supply chains to support real-time insight, predictive analytics, and preventive maintenance.

Digital asset life cycle management

New digital technologies combined with data-driven insights can transform operations, boosting agility and strategic decision-making, and resulting in new business models.

Beyond the barrel

Innovative customer engagement models offer flexibility and a personalized experience, opening up new revenue opportunities for Oil and Gas operators, and new services for customers.

Circular collaborative ecosystem

Applying integrated digital platforms enhances collaboration among ecosystem participants, helping to fast-track innovation, reduce costs and provide operational transparency.

Energizing new energies

The digitalization of energy systems promotes new energy sources and carriers, and supports innovative models for optimizing and marketing energy. To remain relevant to customers, the Oil and Gas industry must understand the full impact of these changes on the broader energy system.