Our Firm

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • Experience

    Our consultants are industry experts, known for a client centric approach and having cumulatively completed over 240 projects across the Middle East, Europe, the US & Africa.

  • Culture

    We’re a company of thinkers and innovators that pride ourselves on service quality and meeting stringent conditions of satisfaction. Our people don’t just generate big ideas—they bring them to life.

  • Approach

    Every WDigital project starts with collaboration. We learn everything about you, collectively define the project, set goals for the weeks to come, and determine metrics for success.


Middle East
Saudi Arabia - Qatar - Bahrain - Oman - Kuwait - U.A.E.
Johannesburg - Accra - Dodoma - Kampala - Nairobi - Port Louis - Rabat
London - Copenhagen - Dublin - Helsinki - Stockholm