Solution Assessments

We understand our clients are continually looking to streamline operations, increase productivity, and control costs. WDigital, along with our partners are now enabling more ways than ever to identify new workloads and services that will accelerate your strategic objectives to grow your business.

Data & Infra Optimization

This assessment helps customers modernize their server and data center environments and prioritize workloads and applications to transition to the cloud. Use this engagement to assess current deployments and determine optimal usage on premises or in the cloud highlighting Lift & Shift migrations.

Cybersecurity Strategy

The Cybersecurity Assessment helps customers identify areas of potential risk. The end result of this assessment will provide customers with a comprehensive look at their cybersecurity infrastructure, and deliver key insights to help them establish the right processes for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud.

Application Modernization

This assessment assists customers to identify and prioritize applications for cloud modernization. Targeted towards customers who are looking to move applications to the cloud but need support in understanding which applications to move first and how to migrate.

Collaboration & Communication

This assessment will helps customers empower their workforce to achieve more through an analysis of their current end-to-end Technology estate, with insights into their collaboration and communication environment and guidance on modernization options.

Workplace Modernization

The Workplace Modernization Assessment helps simplify cloud adoption. It provides customers visibility into desktop and on-premise environments while helping them improve end user productivity. Deliverables include a cloud roadmap that highlights prioritized business applications for transition.

Cloud Adoption & Optimization

We provide customers with a fast evaluation of their cloud capabilities, including key blockers to cloud migration, benchmark cloud maturity & provide steps to accelerate adoption. Once in the cloud, we help customers manage cloud compliance and spend whilst improving organizational agility.



1. Assess and discover

We gather accurate data from your environment, including real-time details and identification of cloud transition blockers.

2. Plan and decide

We help you to identify leading cloud-based technologies to help you build new capabilities and increase agility.

3. Migrate

We’ll support in building a cloud road-map with a cost analysis of migration; prioritizing your Digital goals at every step.

4. Optimize

Here we measure progress by establishing utilization baselines to track & achieve milestones, with bespoke migration plans.