With the industry focus shifting towards vehicles becoming more advanced, electric & autonomous vehicles are increasing in number as the market pushes conventional automakers to become more digitalized.


As we move into possibly the most disruptive decade in automotive history there is more pressure on traditional auto manufacturers to streamline operations and build new capabilities.

Our Capability

We specialize in developing customized software and hardware solutions for complex fleet management solutions. Our expertise is in integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence, to drive efficiency, optimize resources and reduce costs.
Every customized solution comprises of three unique features of technology innovation:
Optimized Dispatch
Machine Learning
Disruption Management

Latest Thinking

With significant advancements autonomous technology, electrified vehicles will effectively compete with conventional vehicles, creating the most significant catalyst for market penetration. it is important to note that electrified vehicles include a large portion of hybrid electrics, which means that even beyond 2030, conventional vehicles will remain very much relevant.


This sophisticated technology has resulting in reducing Opex & Capex costs, advanced driver analytics and increased availability overall fleet sizes over 30% in some of our clients.